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No OldWorld Server for 1.13

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Hello, everyone.

We've recently made the decision to not have an OldWorld server for 1.13. The OldWorld server would have had the current 1.12.2 world & plugins that players would have access too in-case they wanted to finish certain projects or other things, however we've decided against this, mainly due to certain issues that may arise.

Essentially, we would have to update the OldWorld server to 1.13 for easy BungeeCord (/server OldWorld) access. This would then mean basically configuring and updating everything a second time, which would take too long, all for a server that no one really uses in the first place. The server itself also takes up a good chunk of space, as it's basically a second Survival server.

So for anyone I've told that we would have that server, I apologize, though I don't think too many people care about this considering how little usage it currently gets lol

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OH i can imagine how that would be hard.... having 2 servers to moderate, Having to greif around with the deal of changing everything, working on something that people don't really care about and also people getting upset that the servers gonna take longer to be updated to 1.13 if ya made the thing


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Just now, LightStar said:

having 2 servers to moderate, Having to greif around

Well to be fair no one moderates the current OldWorld server, which is /server Survival, so that makes it even more useless and I'm not going to dedicate a separate staff team to moderate a server that's more dead than the current one lmao.

And yeah I'm not willing to do more work on something like that if it's not going to get any use. I will be working on a Creative server but I'm even iffy on that since the last one we had died out as well.

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