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1.13! Spawn Town Mansion Sweepstakes And Info!

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Hey guys as mayor of the new Spawn Town(Timber Springs) I just wanted to create a little forum thingy to get feedback and some suggestions for the upcoming town.

If you don't plan on joining the town, that's okay it can still serve a purpose to those who don't choose on living in it. The town will have many places to go and adventure in such as shops, hotels, aquarium?, restaurants, and many more cool and creative things soon to be built by the player base.

I also wanted to address because many of you are used to my normal towns, that this one will work a little differently:

  • There are now FREE to claim plots
  • The town will be very player based so I encourage you to benefit to the town in some certain way(a shop, business, town job, etc).

I also wanted to ask if anyone was interested in creating a SpawnTown discord so you guys can easily access me if something goes wrong, or so you guys can have an easy place to communicate with other citizens.

if you have any suggestions or comments please leave them down below.

SpawnTown Sweepstakes:

So for this map, I will be holding sweepstakes for one lucky player to win the Timber Springs Manor, a luxurious mansion, with class and elegance, that will be envied upon.

To enter please message me(via forums)the following:

  • Your favorite thing to do in Minecraft
  • The coolest thing you've done in Minecraft
  • Why you love DS :)
  • please include your current username as well.

May the best player win! (enter by Sunday, September 2rd, results will be posted shortly after)



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On 8/30/2018 at 9:42 AM, _Zavo_ said:

I just wanted to say, the date is wrong Sunday is the 2nd. The 3rd is Monday.


thank you will make that adjustment

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Glad to see you working on the town!  I'll be out of town the first week to claim the plot, however I'd still like to participate so I have somewhere to go after. 

  • Probably chat with others/see how people push the boundaries of what this sandbox game can do 
  • Built a sky city modeled after New Pork City in the previous map and but more importantly once caught a soggy loaf of bread in the fishing contest
  • Definitely for the people here
  • KingOfWizards

Good luck to everyone else!

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3 hours ago, Possessed said:

Is this town being built in gms? because if not thats not allowed

re-read the 1.13 post u daft cunt

On 8/29/2018 at 11:19 AM, CamoWisp said:

Though this town is non-towny, it still follows towny type rules.

On 8/29/2018 at 11:19 AM, CamoWisp said:


  • Creative mode has some new rule changes.

- You are no longer able to build with GMC for other players who are in Survival, unless they are building in Creative as well.   
- You are still able to build & sell houses with GMC in Towny towns. This is for town builds to be easier and less ugly looking.   
- You are not allowed to assist a survival resident with building on their plot whilst in GMC, unless they are in GMC as well. 

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