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getting a bit frustrated on a few things...

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Im begining to get fustrated, not to name names i will name names privately to staff on request.  Mainly on the fact that people are using my past to influence others into a spiral of hate against me.  Yes the wording is almost obvious, but i remain neutral to the last.  This has been frustrating me for quite a while as i hold no grudges on anyone at all weather they are banned 100 times or just joining all are seen and considered equally.  I'm not going to mention specifics in this post in the public eye because as i said before i don't want to upset anyone by saying i'm specifically ratting them out for my own gain which im not.  Yes i accept my past is...sketchy at best, put simply i'd rather everyone let sleeping dogs lie not to reawaken an argument of the ages.


note, if this is in the wrong section move it as it has been happening on the server chat so i'm a bit split between where this should be posted



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