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Ban Appeal (Unbanned)

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I have been playing on the DS server for quite some time now, and this is the first time ever that I have been banned. According to the message left to me by Camo, I was banned for griefing. I do not recall ever griefing anyone. But I am sorry about it. I am currently working on Brewing group, where several DS members have joined. I would want to continue on this project. As an Emerald rank, I am very aware of the rules, and am a rule-abiding player. I would love to continue playing on the DS server, as it is the only server I play on. I have been on it for such a long time, that I would not consider leaving it any time soon. Clearly, I will never grief anyone again.

Sincerely, DiamondSkullKing

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You built a secret entrance & entire lab from Drew's base without his permission, which is by definition griefing. I forgot to take proof of this but I could roll-it back if need be or Drew can confirm. You will be unbanned in a few days.

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