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Event Team Applications

Message added by Anthrax

Event Team/Server has been discontinued.

Hello everyone, we have came up with a decision to discontinue with server events for the time being.
This is primarily due to the low volume of people showing interest and the high resource usage the Event server requires.
We may continue the event team later in the future, however for the meantime, it has been shut down.

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Hello, everyone.

Recently I've planned to fix up the Event server and update it to 1.13.1. With that, we also need new Event Team members, as we only have four. For this round of event team members, I'm expecting them to be active and for events to be relatively frequent. We don't need events every week, but at least one every month or two would be nice. I'm also hoping for more unique variety other than some PvP event that'll last for like 30 minutes at best.

To join the event team, you'll need to know how to use either command blocks, redstone, or work well with plugins. Being able to plan events doesn't net you anything, as you could just suggest events on forums or discord. If you're a good builder, you're more than likely better off applying for Build Team. Build Team members can help Event Team members with their events if they so wish.

Here is the Event Team Application form that you must fill out.


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I worked hard on mine, and I'm sure everyone else did too. I'm excited to see who got in. For now, wish y'all good luck!

Edited by Snazzy :D
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