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This is an appeal that I should've made a long time ago. (Unbanned)

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Username: I have a new account, but I don't think I'll be able to join any time soon. (MikaIsAlive)
Server: Survival
Banned By: CamoVampy
Date Of Ban: 3/22/17
Reason: 1x1 Pillars

Hello. You probably know me as the 12 year old that got himself banned for stupid reasons. Fast forward a couple, and here I am now, I turned 14 a while ago, and making an appeal once more. I'll admit, yes what I did was stupid, yes, I should have known by then not to repeat stupid things, and yes, I should have been more aware that my actions had consequences. I make this appeal, not only for my previous bans, but all my faults to begin with. I do this not only to try and make an effort to redeem myself, but to really try and make things right. I actually think I've changed, and If I break another rule IF I get unbanned, then I'll accept that I've not changed. I apologize that I've done all of this, and I think that I can change.
Thanks for reading this.

Also, I've finally managed to get rid of my typing habit.

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