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Demo's Newest Application

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In-Game-Name: Demo_YT

Age: 17 since that of nov. 30th

Discord-Username: Demo#6493

Hey, time to do this again huh... Well for all of you who don't know I used to be a guardian then stuff happened and now I'm back to apply again! I won't get into the details, but I am glad to have you reading this right now. Anyways... Hello, I'm Demo or some older players might recognize me as Minecraftdeamon (I was young and didn't know how to spell lol). I'd like to be a guardian once more to help with staff problems and to be online when some other staff can't. I am not saying that the staff now is not online, but I'd like to help with more staff being there for if they are kind of thing. I would also be a great guardian because I am already in the know about all the commands, log blocks, and grief-logs. I have been pretty active lately and hope to be online more in the future. I have a lot of free time currently because I don't have a job yet and I am doing well in my studies. I recently finished my class in web-page design and in coding so I will be able to do some work like that. I know most of the staff and consider them to be close friends (or at least some of them). I usually try and calm situations down in the server when I see them and help the staff as much as possible to keep them from having to come on the server. I am dedicated to learning more about the game and any commands with it so please be lenient with me as I learn. But I am pretty quick at learning, so if there is anything new from when I was staff back then I'll be able to pick it up in a day or more. This is pretty much all I have to say about how I would like to be staff again. Feel free to talk to me adn let me know if I left anything out of my application. Thanks for reading this in its entirety and I wish you a Merry Christmas (posted near Christmas)!

Made: December 15th, 2018

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