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Hey Guys!

Just wanted to show you guys what I've been working on recently!


It's a small walled city named Iona, the terrain is all custom made by myself and I'm using the Conquest resource pack, and conquest of the sun shaders. Obviously this is only a work in progress at the moment, but I'm putting in a lot of time on it most days, so hopefully, it's done soon!2018-12-19_14_24_13.thumb.png.78c82a239a979b9b3e37cca98b84f8a9.png2018-12-19_14_24_45.thumb.png.a0ae319929e7bb58760294b0fabe1a4d.png2018-12-19_14_24_23.thumb.png.6e6704466ecc53e2c14ece231667effe.png2018-12-19_14_29_22.thumb.png.95898e82ada6e070bd836f8b5241faf6.png2018-12-19_14_24_51.thumb.png.c85d7e42b6309d3a485be9fda2512b6f.png2018-12-19_14_24_03.thumb.png.1e9f3a661548abcc889f87115e2c9740.png 

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