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1. Do not spam or harras peoples.

2. Do not force each other.

3. Do not ask for application answers, ONLY MESSAGE MODERATOR FOR HELP.

4. Do not send virus links and also images that are 18+

5. You need to be 7+ to join the minecraft server. (7 to 10/12 needs to have proper grammar to join the server) 

6. Do not join there discord like me i can't if you are above 12+

7. No making votes unless permission by the moderators or me.

8. Other rules that are not listed put broken and you did it. You will have a warning

Warning 1: Warned

Warning 2.: Muted or being AFK

warning 3: Time ban

warning 4: Permantly ban

Warning 5: Exiled forever.

Warning 6: Permantly exiled and can't join the server for forever.



Application: (In application room, to not post only moderator and me)(To get promoted is to send a picture of a build at application center).


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