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Nether Crashes Player and Kills you

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Hello DiamondShaft staff or owner, I would like to report a crash about the nether that's happened to both me. and one of my other friends on this server called "Naicez" we have been playing this server for 5 weeks or more now, and we have both encountered a bug which I'm presuming is the same one that made him loose his items. for some reason. even spending a maximum of 5 mins in the nether, crashes the server, and demobilises the player. not only that. for some odd reason I was spawned IN lava. and crashed 2 more times before dying and loosing all my items (diamond sword: Sharp 3, Unbreaking 3, Fire aspect 2, Knockback 2, Diamond Axe: Efficiency 3 and Unbreaking 3, Diamond pickaxe: Efficiency 5 unbreaking 3, Mending and diamond gear with full Prot 4 and Unbreaking 3, besides helmet and Leggings which only had Prot 3.) this bug is inconvenient and a pain in the backside as well as an absolute game killer. please fix if possible.

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I have done some maintenance today on the server that involved updating spigot/bungeecord to the latest release, optimizing the database, clearing out some logs and resetting the nether. Hopefully the issues you are facing here should be resolved now. If you continue to experience issues, let me know and I can try to investigate it further.

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