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Banned for greifing/stealing (Unbanned)

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Username: Qlit (and PandaPicture)
Server: Survival
Banned By: Koko_the_clod
Date of Ban: 3/15/19
Reason: Stealing


first off I would like to say that me and my friend are sorry for the inconvenience that we have caused and hope that we can make it up

Me and my friend Xeno (PandaPicture) were running around for a while exploring and finding bases, occasionally checking the bases out to see if they had loot and if they looked abandoned and inactive. With most bases looking very inactive and having nothing in them or the bases having everything on private me and my friend had taken a very small amount of items from these bases, just some common materials like cobble and dirt or a block that we had not seen before and found interesting. Even though the bases mostly looked greifed or inactive we knew that taking these items was against the rules and we are sorry for doing it. Eventually after finding a greifed house, taking some stairs and blocks that we had barely seen before, me and xeno (PandaPicture) were both banned from the server. I feel that we are at fault for the ban by not following the rules, but wish to be unbanned if you see that we should.

thanks for taking your time to read this,

sincerely -

adept (qlit) & xeno (PandaPicture)

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I will unban you both for now, since it is is both of your guy's first bans. Be careful and follow the rules next time please. 

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