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Garbanto's application for staff agian???

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IGN: Garbanto

Age: 20

Discord: Garbanto

Hello everyone my name is Garbanto. I currently have been on the server for  about 3-4 years and have enjoyed my time on here I want to become staff again , because a see a lot of the staff members are inactive and i would like to help people again cause i'm on at times that most staff members are not on.Most people already know me from before when i was moderator .To talk a little about myself, I am 20 years old i live in Greece and i got my own business . I am on the Diamond Shaft server on average 4 to 5  hours a day.I can obviously get on the forums which my name is Garbanto as well. I already know how to use world edit and logblock.

Hope i get staff again Garbanto

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