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Minecraft 1.14-Everything you need to know

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Today, the village and pillage update was released! Some happy, some sad.

But otherwise, a server reboot is likely soon, so screenshot you values, as we head into 1.14!

And so you don't feel new to this update, I'm going to cover what is new!

for starters, villages and villagers have been overhauled, making iron farm harder to make, but allowing for new farming possibilities!

And while on the subject, new blocks have been added!

Grindstone - Grind enchanted items for exp and UN-enchanted item back.

Smoker - cooks food items faster than furnaces

Blast furnace - smelt ores faster than furnaces

Composer - Place excess plants or food items into it seven times to get bone meal.

Loom - Helps to make banners, and find recipe for different patterns.

Cartography table - Make maps with paper, maps, glass, and compasses, instead of trading with cartographers.

Stone cutter - allows you to make certain (new) blocks with a prismarine, stone, etc, but makes only one.

Lectern - allows to place a book publicly, and is compatible with a comparator.

Bells, barrels, fletching tables,and smith table. these have no use, and only all full blocks are used with nitwits to give them a certain job.

And the last thing about villages and villagers is obviously raids.

Raids will occur randomly in villages or when you kill a pillager captain ( Banner on head ), you get the bad omen.

When you finish a raid, you get discounts or prizes from villagers, AKA villager hero effect.

Now, heading into new animals.

Pandas and foxes have been added!

Foxes can be "tamed" with berries, a also new item! - foxes are found were wolfs will spawn and berries are found in taiga biomes.

Pandas are found only in jungles and can have different moods. Along with pandas the bamboo.

Bamboo is an alternative to sticks and can be used to make scaffolding.

Scaffolding is another block that is helpful when building, as it can be made easily and destroyed easily.

And also is the new updates on dyes, as bonemeal, lapis, cocoa beans, and ink sacs no longer work as dyes, but rather to use to make them.

And new flowers have been also added to provide these dyes, including the elusive wither rose.

But the final detail is about new gear!!

Crossbows - alternatives to bows take longer to charge, but pack a punch! and the charged bow will stay charged until used, and can shoot arrows as well as fireworks!

Leather horse armor - the armor from bedrock edition is now in java! this armor can also be dyed, perfect for distinction.

New enchantments for crossbow!

that's it for updates on the 1.14, and for stats, you can find out.

Ciao and have fun!

          - Triosoft

Link to source (for more info): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fYn4QKw4oXw




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