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Temp server greif

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Dear diamondshaft

Today at around 12:00 today, I came to find something.

my home had been griefed.

I asked who, and immediately FrynoxFC responded "Lol" or some sort, as it was 3 hours ago.

All my stuff is gone, as he killed me twice and didn't give much of my stuff back, or it de-spawned.

He also took all of the diamonds i had mined, 70 exactly.

He did this mostly because I just killed his other friend, and tried to give it back, but instead ran from me.

and when that happened, fry's dogs attacked me so I killed them.

Feeling a need for justice, something needs to be done.

So now, whenever i do something, he might try to find me and kill me.

Please do something about this


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Unfortunately I'm not sure if we can do anything at this time. Guardians currently have no permissions on the temp server, And furthermore in the temporary rules Camo had put in place before his leaving doesn't specifically state there is no griefing. However it does state to "Don't be an evil cunt" So I will talk to them about it. If you have any more questions or concerns please feel free to either message my discord or DM me on the forums.


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