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Ban Appeal - spicyturkey (Unbanned)

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Username: spicyturkey

Server: Survival

Banned By: JackeeBolp

Date of Ban: unknown (September 2019) 

Reason: Griefing

Hello, I have been playing on Diamond Shaft now for four months, and I started back in June. I first found out about this server when I was searching online for survival servers. Since then, I have created a wonderful town with my friends, and we always have so much fun together playing. I am fairly familiar with all of the rules of this server, but my friend and I did ./warp and found a pyramid of diamonds. He was the one that broke all of the diamond blocks, and I will admit, I was a bystander. I got back on the server several times since then, and the friend who broke them got banned first. Then I noticed I got banned when I logged on today. The mods have already destroyed all of the diamonds, so I can not longer access them. I realize now what I  have done is wrong, and we should've just walked away from the diamonds. Would you be able to give me a second chance? I am terribly sorry for the trouble I may have caused anyone, for I will never do it again because this server really means something to my friends and I. 

Thanks again, spicyturkey!


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i looked through all the logs to see what you did, and havent found any evidence of you stealing anything or any foul play, so im not exactly sure how you got ban, but for now you are unban. 

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