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Ban Appeal Kenjedibro (Unbanned)

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Username: Kenjedibro
Server: Survival
Banned By: Does not State
Date of Ban: 1/20/2020
Reason: TP/TPA Killing
First off, I know that's a rule, but you got the story wrong. What happened was, at my base I had an excess of saddles, so I made an announcement over the general chat for anyone to have a free saddle, so he accepted, and came to my base, but then he started looking around the rest without asking. I know that if you are killed by a player, then you don't lose anything so I hit him a couple times, but while he was combat logged, he logged out I DID NOT KILL HIM. and so he dropped his stuff, when he logged back in I tpa'd him back to his stuff where he got it all back, but the fact is, I was banned for killing someone I didn't kill, he logged out while combat logged. I get that hitting him was wrong instead of just asking him to leave, I have a thing against most members, as members were the ones who griefed my first base, and I didn't want it to happen again, it won't happen again.


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Did Not say everything that needed to be said.

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I'll unban you, to be honest totally forgot that PvP logging works in that as soon as you're hit it'll immediately kill you if you leave.

However for future reference try not to attack people in your base, if they grief staff can easily fix it.

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