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dpayz Application

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IGN : dpayz

Age : 20

Discord : dpayzant#2486

Hello to whomever desires to read this application. I wish to apply NOT for guardian but for builder. I have been playing minecraft sense the age of 10 and have enjoyed nothing more then building. In my mind it is the funnest aspect of Minecraft and I could do it for hours at a time. My specialty for building is rustic for sure but like art I can adjust my style to fit the needs of the server, ranging from medieval to futuristic or anything in-between. I live in Canada as an art student, so I like to think my knowledge and artistic eye helps when it comes to my building skill. Also I have worked as a supervisor at my workplace for over a year now, showing that I am mature and a good leader if need be. 


This server is amazing, although it is quiet most the time the community is great! I was so inspired by the people of the server that I just had to buy gold rank to show my dedication, help me build, and support the server owner in what way I could. But I wish to do more! I would love to become part of the building team of the server. I ask for no special privileges or commands. Just to be able to build and make art in game for others to enjoy and see. I realize the reboot of the server is to come and I would love nothing more then to help out with spawn or in any way I can! I however have not been playing on the server for too long, however if you are interested I have a few builds already that I would be honored to show off to prove myself. I plan to build more and more until the reboot and start all over again! I hope that this small application will strike your eye and I hope to talk soon.


your truly dpayz or David Payzant





Screenshot (8).png

Screenshot (9).png

Screenshot (10).png

Screenshot (11).png

Screenshot (12).png

Screenshot (15).png

Screenshot (16).png

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