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RealJboylego Builder Application

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IGN: RealJboylego

Age: 18

Discord: james.#5618

Sup, as the title of this topic reads, this is an application for builder, not guardian. I haven't picked up Minecraft until recently. Before I got addicted to playing on the server, I enjoyed 3 years of building in Theme Park Tycoon 2, and my drive to build there has followed me here. I joined the server 2 months ago when my friend invited me, and I simply can't get off (,seriously, it's a problem). The chill, peaceful environment on the server makes it very easy and enjoyable to play and build. I bought iron rank to wear hats without infringing on the feel of a survival game. On to why I want builder, I don't really want it, I'm just doing this 'cos sage said I should and I'm bored due to corona. I would love to help out with any builds for the upcoming reset, I can be very critical and straightforward with my opinions on things. If I'm able to, I want to fix random things I spot around server buildings (like backwards stairs, or flying grass). I also want to be able to quickly replace creative placed things that I accidentally break. As for need of creative and world edit, I don't really care for it, I'm able to manage fine in survival. Why should I be a builder? People say I'm good at building I guess. My building style is very clean and layer based, I believe that going too much into detail creates dissonant chaos. An ideal house to me is one that looks decent and is compatible with redstone. I'm a very avid redstoner, no genius, but I have a few projects and contraptions that I'm proud of. And lastly, if you ever need me for something, I have no life, so call me and I'll most likely be there.

More about me. My name is James, my close friends call me "Hummus". I'm a new adult, going out into the world!... of my laptop (stupid corona). I am a senior graduating this year via mailbox. I held a job as an event decorator, but y'know, no one is holding events nowadays. My hobbies include playing Games, going for runs, and flexing my music taste. I build with dirt because dirt is beautiful. That's it, I'm not that interesting.

Below are builds from both Minecraft and Roblox.
My Dirt Castle Wall
12x12 I did for Effectu
Top Left: Labyrinth, Right: Multi-floor Controlled Water Elevator, Bottom Left: Simple Block Swapper, Bottom Middle: Simple Mob Singler
My Mall Shop
My House At Ivy’s Town
Sci-fi Build in TPT2
Entrance Building in TPT2

The building that almost got me banned

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