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Bossman7575 Appeal

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     I'm doing this for my 8 year old brother who was banned for an xp farm. He had found a zombie spawner a while ago and just used it for levels, (he killed the zombies himself whenever he needed to). I didn't know this until his screen showed that he was banned. My brother never looked at the rules and I hope you can forgive him since he really likes this server. Thanks for reading, bye bye :3

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I would like to add you helped him build it and you already know the rules. I banned you both. I think its up to the other staff members to decide if your going to be unbanned as you've been banned too many times.

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I think her brother should get another chance, anyway her brother is only 8 his appeal would be very.... I don't know how to explain it but 8 year old-ish. ROLY4T is one of the most active non-staff members and she does have a very popular town, so the players respect her.

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