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James' Guardian Application

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IGN: Realjboylego
Age: 18
Discord: james.#5618

Sup, as the title of this topic assumes, this is something that'll be rejected. I've been playing on the server since last update and I've remained one of the most active players. Filler story is in my builder application, I'll skip it here. As for why I am applying for guardian, I'm just doing this because apparently you're desperate for moderation. It does bother me when people need help with something and there are no staff on. It especially bothers me when I need help with something and there's no staff on. So solution; I become guardian and punish the naughties myself~
As a guardian I promise to assume my responsibility to enforce the rules and help sever-goers in need~

More about me that I haven't put in my builder application. I decided not to go to college because I have no plans or hope for my future. Instead, I am studying and training to enter The Air Force.

I hope to see a comment on this.


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