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Ban appeal (please read) (Declined)

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idk who

idk when

stealing lb proof

Hello! my brother Xavier, in mc his name is Xav1erD got banned from this server and he doesn't play Minecraft anymore so he let me have his account. He said he got banned for stealing a lot of stuff from people. He said I would like it and he said something about being towns, that sounds pretty cool! thank you for reading this 

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Hi Xavier,

              I'm just going to get to the point and say you wont be unban. You caused many issues on Diamond Shaft when you were still playing, and were warned,banned, and tempbanned several times and it never worked. You felt the need to continue to steal from members of the community, which isnt permitted whatsoever. We, the staff of diamondshaft dont think its appropriate to let you back into the community knowing your past actions on the server. We know it will most likely happen again and we are not willing to let that risk happen.   




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