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Suggestions For Money Spending.

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(Please note that I'm absolutely terrible at introductions)

Hello everyone, Misery (Or, Sorrow) here. As of recently I've joined back. I'm happy to see that some of my ideas have been implemented in some way shape and or form. Post here: 

Although I have, in the title of this post im writing on currently, some ideas for money spending if a player has accumulated a large amount of money. My ideas are: Unbreakable tools, Tools with custom enchants (ex: An axe with fire aspect or a hoe with sharpness.) High end, expensive shit. I would also suggest selling more spawner  eggs..

Though the main thing I would like to suggest is a rank that members can buy. This wouldnt be anything too fancy. Maybe just something that gives a member an extra sethome. Something members can work towards. It will be expensive, but it can be in the realms of obtainable.

A few other things: Sponges, god apples, nether stars, staff heads, the dragon egg (Was thinking like 2 mill for this one), Large quantities for hard to get materials (obbi, for example)

And if theres anything else anyone in the comments might want to suggest, go for it.


Also as a side note, as someone mentioned to me, quoting them: "mob heads are way too common and that it messes with the stacking mob plug-in heavily with some mobs like cave spiders"

Um. I guess I've ran out of things to say. Feedback would be apricated! :) Ty for reading.

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I don't know how my text got highlighted and I don't know how to undo that. Idea 1: lottery tickets cost less and you can buy more creating a bigger buying space for newer people. (E.g 10 each and you can buy 30 which is just now but divided by 10. Allows new people to buy 1 for 10 if they don't want to spend too much) 2: Plugin that auto deposits stuff into a shulker box. This could be limited to mining or open to everything. They could even be sold in admin shops as a special type of shulker box. Idea 3: Better voting rewards to encourage new people to vote. (Iffy on this one). I feel Diamonds are too and too bad. If you have Diamonds then they're too bad but if you don't have Diamonds then voting is op. Maybe have voting tiers where the more you vote the better the reward gets or randomize it in some items. Tiers could start with iron and move up to wherever. You could stick to the Diamonds and maybe use Advanced Achievements for rewards.

Edit: Just thought of this--When new players join they run out of spawn, gather some wood, get killed and leave the game a good third of the time. Can we either give them a little armor or maybe a health buff that lasts around 20 minutes?


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