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Storm_29 Ban Appeal (Offensive Language, Innapropiate behavior) (Unbanned)

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I don't know who banned me

Around 12:00 EST October 19th

Inappropriate language/Rude behavior


Ahoy mateys. I got banned on DS for remarks such as "This retarded villager is jewing up the prices" or something along the lines of. When a staff member told me not to say that I was confused as I remember the rules being you could not say offensive things directed at players and this was a villager so I jokingly while wrongly said that I was Jewish. I should not have said that but because I said that the staff member had said: "nvm" to me saying "retarded" and "jewing" which I apologize for saying. The next issue was that I said in a private chat to my friend Sorrow who I don't know is staff or not but is a builder, "lmk when staff get executed" and left while joining back minutes later after they left. I did that as a little quip with Sorrow a single time and did not mean to cause any issues with the staff over it. To my credit when the staff are on I have no issue with them whatsoever and happily play when they're on which is not an excuse to what I said but just to add credit as I was accused of hating staff which I don't wish to come across as doing such. I have been banned before from my knowledge once was around 2014 by DunksDaddy a new staff for selling his sugar cane which I was about to pay him back which he asked for and he banned however quickly unbanned me when I appealed. The second time was a mistake by a staff member who when unbanned me gave me Diamonds or some other gift in 2016. I think I may have been banned once for changing my name to a user's old name too but I don't know if that was here. I do remember that around 2017 King, Camo or someone exempted everyone from their bans, unbanning every user in an act of a fresh start.

I noticed that I was also accused of loving to act like a staff which I would like to apologize for coming across as one. To my credit whenever I would make a post I would always say that I am just a member on this server and not a staff yet if you ever need my help feel free to ask. Another thing I do is help new players by informing them of /RTP, /vote and being sure to read the rules. If that came across as staff impersonation and I ever come back I will stop that if you would like.

I would love to come back to Diamond Shaft as I have tons of memories here and will still like to passionately support this server whether it be promotion on Reddit or other socials for new users to join or donations as ranks for multiple users.


A quick note: If I am banned although I would rather you don't; I am willing to be temp muted or muted entirely for the server. Again I would rather not this option if I am unbanned as it would cause language issues, if you feel it is needed I would be understanding of the decision.


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