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This probably won't be accepted, but I was thinking of a way to make it more fair to people who have bought multiple ranks.

Ex: Someone bought Iron, then Diamond. If they bought Iron in the past, they should be able to use the ITools and Iarmor kits as well as DTools and Darmor.

Rules about it: If you buy diamond and emerald, this should be your kit loadout: Serverbooks, XP, Elytra, Darmor, DTools, Etools, and Ermor. You cannot have two kit xps, and if this needs to be balanced you can increase the kit cooldown on previous bought ranks by a couple days. 

This doesn't mean if you are a member and you buy emerald you can use every ranks kits like in the past, but only if you previously bought a past rank and then bought another, like diamond or emerald, that replaces your old rank.

Its a far-fetched idea that popped into my head but I hope you consider it.

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Why not give everyone who bought Emerald the previous armor rank? You don't purchase ranks twice. If you buy Iron then the cost of Gold will have iron deducted from it (unless it changed?). This idea was around before but they removed the previous ranks armor kits when they added the rule of not salvaging armor. Then they buffed rank armor sets with unbreaking and other enchants.

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