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Someone greifed simpy's enderman farm. (Accepted)

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I tpaed to simpy's enderman farm, and fell out of the world and lost a shulker box, full netherite tools, a enchanted netherite chestplate, boots, and leggings, and some other stuff. If anyone could fix the farm and help get my stuff back, i would really appreciate it..


i spawn right in front of where the blocks were broken, so i walked right into the void without noticing.

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Hello Drew,

Thank you for your report,

Sorry about the late reply to this, I'm just checking the report now.

Has this issue been sorted for you? Or is it still griefed?
Messaging us on discord about a grief is generally the fastest way to hear back from us.
If you can let us know the co-ordinates (Pressing F3 on your keyboard will show them) We can then teleport and assist.

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Sorry I didn't see this reply until now.

Thanks for responding Anthrax, Here are the Coords:

X:  -58.416   Y:  1      Z: 182.036

The farm is no longer greifed, as people who use it have repaired it, and I have acquired new gear. I would appreciate it still if I was able to get the items I lost back, though.

Thank you. 

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