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Envoid will never grief again (Unbanned)

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Username - Envoids

Server - Survival 

Banned by - I don't know

Date of Ban - I don't know

Reason - Griefing

Hello I would like to get unbanned and I made a new banned appeal because I didn't realize or forgot there was a format to this. I really wish to get unbanned and hang out with someone of my friends who are still playing that game. I have so many ideas of what to do and I want to spread it on diamond shaft and try to get some friends on my own to join. I really want the game to get more bigger but I know there is not that many people playing rarely. When I get back in the server I will never grief or anything like that and just do my own things and have fun. 

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Thank you for appealing your ban.

I've gone ahead and unbanned you on the server here now, so you are more than welcome to continue playing.

Sorry for the delay, I don't check up on the forums a whole lot these days.

For future reference, I would recommend reaching out to someone on the Discord server about your appeal to get an update back sooner.

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