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Why can't I join the server?

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If you are reading this topic I assume that you are having this issue. Now you may not be able to connect to the server for many reasons, here I will list several reasons why you cannot connect and tell you how to fix them.


1) The Server is down for maintenance, if this is the case there will generally be a broadcast before the server goes down or we will post a topic on the forums if it will be down for an extended period of time. You will not be able to connect to the server during this time and there is nothing that can be done to fix it.


2) The Server has been DDOSD. What does DDOS mean? well you can find the full definition here but to sum it up, its when someone overloads another persons router so that it takes up all the bandwidth slowing down the connection for others if not completely bricks the connection so that no more packets can be transferred. Generally after something like this happens we will try to reset the servers internal IP address and change the DNS settings on the sub-domain. Your computer will try to connect to the old IP that was assigned to the sub-domain so you will have to restart your PC to be able to connect using the new IP. This is the only known method to fixing the DNS issue that we are aware of at the moment so if that doesn't work hopefully it will fix itself within a few days as the new IP starts to float around the internet.


3) The server has had a hardware failure! Yes, all computers will break down eventually, even the server. Fortunately we are using high grade parts so the lifetime of the hardware is longer than usual but things always happen you never know! If this is the case, I will make a post on the forums letting everyone know and give an ETA when it will be back up and running!


4) I have died. While the chances of this are unlikely I would just like to rule out all possibilities, this being one of them. If this is the case well, Diamond Shaft is probably not going to be a thing because my family will have harvested everything that I own and sell it for a quick dollar.

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